4 nights, 4 films, 4 parties, 4 dinners 

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MIFF 2012

In addition to these films, MIFF hosted interviews with David Fine, director of “Salaam Dunk” and Ryan Bubalo, the coach of the women’s basketball team featured in the film; the star, Will Ruffin, of “The Dynamiter” (stepping in for director, Matt Gordon, who had to cancel last minute); Andrew Craig, musician, composer and host of CBC Radio’s “Canada Live” following “Under African Skies”; and self-exiled Iranian author Ava Homa about “The Separation”.

Click on the films below to learn more and see trailers

A Separation

Writer/Director/Producer: Asghar Farhadi Country: Iran A Separation is a drama that would be compelling in any country: the dissolution of a marriage. But this is set in contemporary Iran. Not the Iran you see in the news, but an Iran of middle class, apolitical citizens whose quiet lives are shattered in an instant of anger.


Under African Skies

Director/Producer: Joe Burlinger Country: USA, South Africa Under African Skies is three films in one: How Paul Simon’s musical master work was born, including footage of the first recording sessions; the 25th anniversary tour of South Africa that reunited the original artists and an exploration of the charges of racism and exploitation that dogged Simon’s


The Dynamiter

Through the haze of a Mississippi summer, director Mat Gordon lovingly but honestly portrays the tale of the classic American boy learning what it means to be a man in the rural fringe of America. A masterful production with a stunning sound track, we follow fourteen-year-old Robbie Hendrick as he triumphantly cares for his younger


Salaam Dunk

Director: David Fine Producer: Beau Lewis Country: Iraq Basketball is much more than a game in this stirring documentary about a struggling Iraqi women’s team at the American University of Iraq in Kurdistan. For these resilient young women, most of whom have never been allowed to play any sport, it is a blissful release from