The Parade

The ParadeCountry: Serbia
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Language: Serbian – English subtitles

A tragicomedy about Balkan war criminals and gay bashing? You bet! Think “The Magnificent Seven” Serbian style. Instead of Yul Brenner and friends, we have three foul mouthed, homophobic paramilitary crime bosses. Instead of frightened Mexican villagers tormented by bandits, we have homosexuals in Belgrade tormented by skinheads. The catalyst that unites them all is a woman, portrayed with a sexy, comic style by Serbia’s rising star Hristina Popovic. Oh yes, our macho heroes are a Serb, a Croat and a Bosnian Muslim, who drive together, at one point, in a flaming pink Mini Cooper! Partly based on horrific true events, the story of how three men who once tried to kill each other in war choose to risk their lives to defend gay rights weaves a charming, vulgar, sad, and often hilarious tale about tolerance, understanding and love. The fact that “Serbia’s Brokeback Mountain” became a major Balkan box office hit as well as an international winner is a bonus ray of hope.

Awards 13 including
Berlinale Film Festival Audience Award.
Berlinale Film Festival Ecumenical Jury Prize
Galway Film Festival Best International Film
Freiburg Film Festival Audience Award
Festroia (Portugal) Grand prix – Golden Dolphin Audience Award
Prishtina – Red Goddes – Best Balkan film
Montpellier Film Festival Audience Award
Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles – Prix du Public
Tirana International Film Festival – Best Director
Tirana International Film Festival – Best Editor

“A rude, raunchy challenge to Balkan homophobia, takes no prisoners” – Screen International
“Sometimes I nearly busted a gut laughing, at others, I squirmed uncomfortably” – Boston Review
Laugh-out-loud funny, brilliantly acted and, towards the very end, also deeply moving, – Hollywood Reporter
Runs 1 hr 55 mins
Rated 14A – strong language

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