A Fantastic Woman

Evening showing: Sunday, September 2, 7:00PM
Tonight's dinner provided by Auberge Gilles B&B / Chef at Home-Catering

Matinee: none

Director(s): Sebastian Lelio
Guest: none
Language: Spanish - with English subtitles
Country: Chile
Awards: 24 awards, including an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film
Rating: 14a
Runs: 1 hr 40 min

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Marina is who she is, no apologies, she wants no trouble. Marina just wants respect. In the evening she sings in a nightclub, during the day she’s a waitress. She’s in a relationship with an older man who suddenly dies. The authorities are suspicious, Orlando’s family is suspicious, and prejudice from both is paramount. Director Sebastian Lelio has made a film with a powerful message that does not preach to the audience. Perhaps we all might look at people we don’t understand with a kinder heart.

Emerging actress Daniela Vega is a powerhouse. “Fantastic is one word for it, another would be outstanding” Detroit News

“A gentle heart-wrenching, quietly furious movie” Boston Globe

“But at its core, A Fantastic Woman is the story of genuine love, something that requires no definition” The Toronto Star

Student film:
Thunder Finder by: Kaitrina Harrisson

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