MIFF Movie Trivia Quiz

Quick now, from what movie is this famous line? “Snap out of it” if you guessed “Moonstruck” you’re correct.  When you enter the big party tent, a volunteer will hand you a ballot.  All you have to do is answer all four questions correctly and put your ballot in the drum.  Easy?  We thought so, whether it’s guessing the actor or actress, a quote or even what year a film won an Oscar.  The quiz master thinks it’s still easy, but a lot of people get fooled, so check before you mark your X. After about an hour, the ballots are drawn at random.  The first ballot with all four answers correct is the winner and walks away with the fabulous gift basket. One thing more you have to be present at the time of the draw or we will draw again.

This year’s winners…

thursday winner

friday winner

saturday winner copy

sunday 03

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