Noted Toronto Writer Desmond Cole Live on MIFF Stage

The man who helped change Toronto Mayor John Torys’ mind about the police practice known as carding is coming to the Meaford International Film festivals’ opening gala to discuss the film Selma, Thursday September 3rd.

Desmond Cole will talk about the film that depicts the struggles behind Dr. Martin Luther Kings’ historic march to win voting rights for blacks in the U.S. in 1965. As the Village Voice wrote “it is the right movie for this moment in time”. Mr. Coles’ Toronto Life article “The Skin I’m In”, depicted the reality of this moment in time for blacks like him living in Canada. According to the Globe and Mail “it hit the city like a cluster bomb” and started a conversation that was long overdue, much like the historic march in Selma itself. 

“We always try to present new perspectives and show films that offer context to todays news” says MIFF Artistic Director Christopher Thomas, “and I believe that Desmond Cole will make a powerful contribution to that end, we’re lucky to have him as our guest.”  

You can get more information about the rest of the MIFF line up at or call 1-877-538-0463

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